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20th Anniversary Thank Customers and All Carriers
- 2020-05-13-

As the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, the company has prepared exquisite gifts to give back to all customers who have always trusted and supported us, as well as shipowners, fleets and yard related responsible persons who have always given us business support. Colleagues from the Administration Department have ordered the company's exclusive LOGO rain-and-sun umbrella, notebook, signature pen, gift bag... Preparations for the company's celebration are in full swing.

It coincides with the spring season, because of the epidemic, customers who are far away, we can only take the company's greetings and gratitude through express delivery; customers and shipowners friends and friends from close distances take the time to pay special visits, thank you for your continued The trust and help of the company will also listen carefully to the voices and needs of customers, and constantly improve and improve our services to better give back to this trust. The Gaoteng people will wholeheartedly serve you well in the last part of your trade transaction, and do not let it down!