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Against COVID-19, Gaoteng Logistics is in action
- 2020-05-13-

Since January 2020, COVID-19 has affected the daily life and normal business operations of the world in all aspects, and has also affected our container import and export business.

Due to the special nature of COVID-19, everyone makes their best efforts to reduce the possibility of transmission. Dalian Gaoteng has also actively taken measures to protect employees, made thorough preparations for employees to resume work, launched emergency procurement, equipped employees with masks and other epidemic prevention materials, sprayed disinfectant water regularly, and measured body temperature on time; and also provided our foreign customers with international express delivery Delivered timely greetings and necessary personal anti-epidemic materials. At the same time, we will also provide customers with timely and meticulous logistics services, and implement our responsibilities more thoroughly.

In the future, we will continue to assist areas affected by the epidemic to overcome difficulties, restore the economy, and overcome the epidemic.

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to fight COVID-19. I believe that through our unremitting efforts, we will effectively control the epidemic and achieve the ultimate victory in this difficult battle!

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