Sinotrans opens up a new channel for international logistics between China and Europe
- 2020-04-28-

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China Merchants, a subsidiary of China Merchants, opened a new international logistics channel for China-Europe trains-March 24, the first China-Europe train to Moscow departed from Changsha, Hunan Province. Sinotrans serves the radiation range in Europe.

At present, the national epidemic prevention and control work has achieved periodic results, but the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has spread to the world and the situation is grim. As a unified operating platform and a unified brand for China Merchants Group's logistics business, Sinotrans is based on the concept of "Community of Human Destiny" advocated by the "Belt and Road", creating a new channel for international logistics between China and Europe, helping foreign trade The normal resumption of production and production of enterprises ran out of the acceleration of "stabilizing foreign trade".

Central European Express (Changsha-Moscow, Russia)

New channels and new products stand up to the "backbone" of cross-border transportation

On March 24, the first Moscow train of China-Europe Train (Changsha), carrying mechanical and electrical products, textiles and clothing, shoes and boots, plastic products, toys and other daily necessities and anti-epidemic materials, departed from Changsha North Freight Station and left Manzhouli. Arrive at Moscow Volsino Station.

The train is expected to open one row per week, and increase the frequency depending on market demand. Different from the previous trains, this train goes directly to Moscow, each trip will save about 100,000 yuan of logistics costs for the transfer from the Belarusian capital Minsk, logistics time also reduced by 3 to 5 days. This is another important international logistics channel opened by Sinotrans.

Russian light industrial consumer goods import demand is large, providing a broad market for Hunan's mechanical and electrical products, textiles and clothing, shoes and boots and other products. "From January to February this year, more than 90% of Changsha's imports and exports to Russia were transported through China-Europe Express (Changsha)." During the epidemic, China-Europe Express (Changsha) demonstrated strong vitality and lifted up Hunan's open economy The "backbone" of transportation.

Central European Express (Shenyang-Ens, Austria)

Stabilize foreign trade and promote development, cooperate with customers to resonate on the same frequency

On March 19, Sinotrans Northeast China successfully launched the China-Europe train (Shenyang-Austria Ens) special train. The train will leave Shenyang via Manzhouli Port and is expected to arrive in the northern city of Enns in Austria in 18 days. This is the first Central European train to Ens in the country. At this point, the number of Chinese Sino-European trains (Shenyang) arriving in Europe increased to 5 after Hamburg, Duisburg, Marasevic and Warsaw.

Affected by the new global pneumonia epidemic, customers' original shipping channels were blocked, and Sinotrans provided customers with Sino-European train logistics solutions in a timely manner to protect customers' logistics needs by opening special trains for major customers.

Faced with many unfavorable factors such as insufficient supply of delayed resumption of goods, a sudden drop in international import and export trade, and limited interregional logistics, China’s Sinotrans epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production are both in hand, accurately analyzing market changes, adjusting marketing strategies, and maintaining China and Europe. Ban Lei (Shenyang) operates steadily and the orderly resumption of production in the Northeast region provides a strong guarantee for the promotion of the economic and trade exchanges in the Northeast region and the normal operation of the supply chain system. As of now, China-Europe Express (Shenyang) has a total of 54 imports and exports this year, a year-on-year increase of 63.6%.