Notice on the current better service of foreign trade logistics
- 2020-04-28-

On April 20, the Ministry of Transport’s website issued the Notice of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, National Railway Administration, China Civil Aviation Administration, State Post Bureau, and China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. on the current better service to stabilize foreign trade "(Hereinafter referred to as "Notice").

The "Notice" requires that international shipping guarantees be ensured, the use of port production statistics, international container line flight weekly reports and other means to strengthen the operation monitoring of mainline ports and liner companies, and guide liner companies to resume timely reductions due to the impact of the epidemic according to the needs of foreign trade logistics and transportation Route flights. Closely follow the development of foreign epidemics, give play to the role of key shipping companies, ensure that the main trade routes are not interrupted, and provide a strong guarantee for foreign trade transportation.

The "Notice" pointed out that the high-quality development of China-Europe trains should be promoted. Give full play to the role of China-Europe trains as an important channel during the epidemic, organize railway enterprises to increase the density of China-Europe trains, expand coverage, and provide key guarantees for China-Europe trains to carry, load, and haul, and ensure that they are transported as far as possible. Strengthen the work connection with the China-Europe train operating platform companies and related enterprises, and promote the normalized transportation of international mail express and cross-border e-commerce products through China-Europe trains. Optimize the train transportation organization, consider the connection between the source organization and the transportation organization, and open up the "microcirculation" of China-Europe train transportation. Encourage port and shipping companies to strengthen cooperation with railway companies, and promote the mutual transfer of container shipping logistics and railways.

The "Notice" makes it clear that container-to-metal transportation should be actively developed. Focusing on container trunk ports, we will promote the development of intermodal transportation of containers, and speed up the construction of Suzhou Taicang Port Shugang Railway Project, Nanjing Port Longtan Railway Special Line Project, Guangzhou Nansha Port Shugang Railway Project and other projects. Coordinate the development of the China-Europe trains with ports as the starting point and other train lines, improve the layout of inland dry ports, and strengthen the connection between international shipping, ports, and railway freight yards. Vigorously organize the operation of container trains for the combined transportation of hot metal and water, and increase the proportion of railway distribution ports. Accelerate the construction of a multi-modal intermodal public information platform and realize the exchange and sharing of information in various logistics modes.

The "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to guarantee the normal production order of shipping. The transportation and customs departments should strengthen coordination with immigration border inspection, health and other departments, make overall efforts to prevent the import of overseas epidemics and ensure the order of shipping production, and promote the settlement of normal port shifts, material supply, and ship maintenance of Chinese crew members of international sailing ships. , Ship inspection and other work. Supervise shipping companies and seafarer expatriate organizations to effectively implement the main responsibility, and guide ships to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

The "Notice" stated that it is necessary to promote the facilitation of foreign trade transportation, deepen the construction of a "single window" of international trade, promote the pilot mode of direct port direct loading operation mode, improve port capacity and efficiency, and enhance the level of international road transportation facilitation.

The "Notice" also proposes to fully implement the phased fee reduction policy for exemption of import and export cargo port construction fees, reduction of cargo port fees, port facility security fees and ship oil pollution compensation funds.

Work with the pricing authorities to study further reductions and mergers in port charges, and lower government fees for port operating service items.

Support foreign trade enterprises to improve the bargaining power of shipping charges, and guide our enterprises to choose CIF settlement for export and FOB settlement for import.

Guide liner companies to rationally adjust the price structure of shipping charges, reduce the proportion of maritime surcharges in total freight, and urge international liner companies to transmit the effects of port and other fee reduction policies.

Urge port enterprises and relevant units to earnestly implement the port operation service charge catalog list and public notice system, investigate violations in accordance with law, and cooperate with market supervision and other departments to investigate and punish, further standardize port charges. Regulate the shipping surcharge charges of liner companies, and strengthen the inspection of freight rates of international liner companies according to law.

Encourage port and shipping companies and import and export companies to deepen mutual assistance and cooperation. Guide large port enterprises and international liner companies to continue to provide preferential fees for import and export enterprises' storage yard fees and demurrage fees.

Source of this article: China Water Transport Network