Common logistics and transportation terms for bulk cargo
- 2020-04-28-

Common logistics and transportation terms for bulk cargoes are:FLT, FI, FO, FIO, FILO.
The keywords of the terms of the bulk cargo charter logistics transportation are as follows:
(1) Shipping terms:
A) FI=Free In regardless of loading

B) FO=Free Out regardless of unloading
If the price clause we signed with the customer is CFR FO, it means that we are not responsible for unloading.
C) FIO=Free In& Out regardless of loading or unloading
D) FILO=Free In Liner Out regardless of loading and unloading
E) LIFO=Liner In Free Out
F) FLT=Full Liner Terms=BT=Berth Terms (LT=BT) pipe loading and unloading, or full liner terms

(2) ST=Stowed Trimmed tally, trimmed
LSD=Lashing, Securing, Dunnaging lashing, reinforcement, bedding costs

(3) LAYCAN: The loaded period is an important clause in the charter agreement. LAY=LAYTIME, which is the loading and unloading time; CAN=CANCELLING, the time to cancel the contract. For us, we must make preparations for loading and customs clearance before the first day of LAYCAN, otherwise, it is easy to incur high demurrage fees.

(4) CQD=Customary Quick Despatch, which means fast loading and unloading according to port habits; that is to say, when the ship owner is not responsible for loading and unloading, he will not restrict you to complete loading and unloading within a certain time, but work at normal speed; at the same time If the loading or unloading is not possible or the speed is slow due to human factors, the shipowner has the right to make a claim.