Dalian Container Terminal has the ability to electronically release all domestic and foreign cargo logistics
- 2020-04-28-

On February 9, with the smooth operation of the first foreign trade of COSCO Shipping customers' electronic delivery, Liaogang Group Dalian Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (DCT) has been able to provide electronic delivery for all domestic and foreign goods, and formally invited all customers Actively cooperate. This move will greatly facilitate customers' online business during epidemic prevention and control, and also marks a new step in the electronic operation of the entire process of import pickup at Dalian Port.

In order to promote the optimization of the business environment at the Dalian Port and the reform of paperless delivery of bills of lading, Liaogang Group Dalian Container Terminal Co., Ltd. completed system research and development and customer promotion in the second half of 2019, and realized domestic trade electronic delivery of goods to three customers. And plan to realize the electronic release of domestic and foreign trade goods in May this year.

Affected by the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the demand for online business processing is increasing day by day, and DCT has accelerated the promotion of developed products and received a positive response from COSCO Shipping customers. With the joint efforts of the port units, customs and other port units and the Dalian Port Logistics Network (DPN) and other units, on February 3, Dalian Zhongjin Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.'s first online payment operation of COSCO SHIPPING electronic delivery was successful, and COSCO SHIPPING also became Dalian Container Terminal's first customer to import domestic and foreign trade goods to fully realize the electronic operation, this move opened the" last-mile" built by the paperless system of the terminal pick-up order 3 months in advance, and opened Dalian for the full Port electronic delivery and online payment have laid a solid foundation.

On January 26, DCT received a request from COSCO SHIPPING customers, hoping that both parties would jointly strengthen the guarantee of import delivery during the epidemic prevention and control and improve the efficiency of business handling. Combining the future development of the port and the joint prevention and control requirements of the epidemic situation, DCT communicated with DPN as soon as possible, and the two parties finally determined that on the basis of the electronic delivery of the message format, the logistics platform was used as the carrier to open up a new way of delivery. To provide business support and external service support during the epidemic. In order to ensure that COSCO SHIPPING's electronic delivery of goods is smoothly launched, DCT and the units at the port set up a"Internet Payment Project Group" to share the specific process of electronic operations with the direct person in charge through WeChat group. The project team is online 24/7 to provide customers with business consultation and online payment guidance, which effectively guarantees the smooth development of the electronic delivery business. DPN gave high support to the electronic delivery project. On the third day of the new year, it began to coordinate the emergency response plan of the customs release instruction, and arranged all the employees of the platform department to work in the SOHO office during the epidemic, and went all out to ensure that the project was put into use in advance.

Electronic delivery service can complete all operations online, which not only reduces the risk of epidemic caused by face-to-face business, but also accelerates the terminal from" offline business" to" online business" Upgrade iteration.

Xu Linlin Ding Weiwei Peninsula Morning News, 39-degree video reporter Qi Yuanyuan

[Source: Peninsula Morning News]

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