Types and characteristics of container shipping containers
- 2020-04-28-

The shipping of container shipping goods is carried by containers. There are many types of containers. Different cargoes require different types of containers to load. Here is a brief introduction to the types, sizes and sizes of international freight containers that are common in container shipping. Good for shipment.

According to the size of the container, there are 20'GP, 40'GP, 40'HC, 45', usually heavy cargo 20'GP, light foam cargo 40'GP and 40'HC, some European and American routes light foam cargo , Can apply for 45' box shipment.

According to the type of container:

(1) Ordinary dry cargo box: suitable for ordinary cargo.

20'GP: inner diameter 5.89m X 2.35m X 2.39m with a load of less than 27 tons

40'GP: inner diameter 12.03m X 2.35m X 2.39m load capacity about 26 tons

40'HC: inner diameter 12.03m X 2.35m X 2.69m, about 26 tons load

45': inner diameter 13.55m X 2.35m X 2.70m, about 29 tons

(2) Refrigerator: suitable for transporting frozen production tablets or vegetables and fruits that need to be kept fresh.

20'RF: inner diameter 5.42m X 2.26m X 2.24m, load less than 25 tons

40'RF: inner diameter 11.20m X 2.24m X 2.18m, load less than 26 tons

40'RH: inner diameter 11.62m X 2.29m X 2.50m, load less than 26 tons

(3) "" open top box: suitable for transporting large items such as machinery and equipment, suitable for lifting. The goods it contains can be super tall.

20'OT: inner diameter 5.89m X 2.35m X 2.34m with a load of less than 27 tons

40'OT: inner diameter 12.02m X 2.35m X 2.34m, load less than 26 tons

(4) Frame box: suitable for transporting large cargo, the cargo can be super wide and super high.

20'FR: inner diameter 6.035m X 2.21m X 2.21m with a load of less than 28 tons

40'FR: inner diameter 12.18m X 2.38m X 1.95m, load less than 28 tons

(5) Hanging clothes box: suitable for high-grade clothing, coats and other clothes that are not suitable for stacking, it is restructured inside the ordinary container, and is divided into single-hanging and double-hanging containers.

20'HG: 11 beams (single hanging) 22 beams (double hanging)

40'HG: 22 beams (single hanging) 44 beams (double hanging)

The inner diameter of the above types of containers is the theoretical size, and the load is based on the weight limit requirements of different ports. Also slightly different. The specific situation of container shipping needs to be treated specifically.