FCL import and export

FCL import and export

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Dalian Gaoteng International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a first-class international freight forwarding company approved by foreign trade and economics. It has been engaged in the container transportation industry for 20 years. It is mainly engaged in container FCL import and export business. After continuous efforts, it has developed into a professional logistics company covering all routes of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Europe, the Mediterranean, the United States and Canada, and Central and South America.

The company's export business has maintained long-term good cooperative relations with major shipowners. Japan Basic Port has signed annual contract prices with COSCO, SITC, SINOTRANS, STAROCEAN, DBR and other shipowners, and has maintained long-term cooperation with Mitsui Warehouse Dalian, Yamaku Logistics Dalian, and Nippon Logistics; at the same time, it also has Japanese partial ports and South Korea lines. Contract, the cooperative shipowners have KMTC, DONGYOUNG, SKR, CK LINE, PAN OCEAN, DOOWOO, KAMBARA-KISEN, MINSHENG, etc., providing full-line booking services all year round. The ocean line also maintains good business relations with large global shipping companies, including COSCO, MSK, MSC, HPL, EMC, CMA, OOCL, ZIM, ONE, YML, PIL, MCC, KMTC, TSL and other shipping companies, to fully meet customer's For booking requirements, 500 strong customers such as Vale Nickel Co., Ltd., which the company cooperates with, also maintain long-term stable cabin priority for shipping companies.

Regarding container imports, relying on the agency network of the world's major basic ports and the good cooperative relations of shipping companies, both from the port of departure and the port of destination, there are more preferential agreement sea freight. It also lays the foundation for customers of import business to provide preferential prices and quality services.

The box types that our company can undertake, in addition to ordinary dry cargo boxes, can also undertake a series of container import and export business such as freezers, dangerous goods containers, open top boxes, frame boxes, including direct pick-up of vehicles and ships.

All container import and export business, in addition to providing arrival services, can also provide DDU/DDP and other door-to-door services. Let customers truly enjoy the one-stop service that saves time, worry and cost. The service scope is not only Dalian port, other ports in Northeast, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large ports have long-term cooperation partners. At the same time, the foreign agent network covers all major ports in the world, and truly achieves "global integration".