Import and export of dangerous goods

Import and export of dangerous goods

Product Details

Dalian Gaoteng International Logistics Co., Ltd. has also long been engaged in the import and export of dangerous goods. Northeast is an old industrial base, and there are also many chemical companies. According to our favorable geographical resources, our company has developed the dangerous goods booking business, which can undertake all kinds of dangerous goods container booking of categories 2 to 9. The company has rich experience in the transportation of dangerous goods, not only can accept dangerous goods containers, but also can receive dangerous goods packed in tank boxes and liquid bags, IBC ton barrels. The company's current business is to import dangerous goods of category 2 and 3 to Intel's suppliers, and to re-export dangerous goods packaging. In addition, for special goods, we can also undertake the transportation of dangerous goods freezers.

For the import and export of dangerous goods, we can provide: chartering a ship and booking, import and export declaration of the maritime department, verification and testing of the effectiveness of cargo packaging (including pressure vessels), according to the specific requirements of the carrier and the port of shipment, to ensure Customer goods are imported and exported smoothly.

Taking the export of dangerous goods in Dalian Port as an example, the export process is as follows:

(1) Booking by shipping company

MSDS English version +Packaging Performance Certificate+Packaging Use Certificate+ Booking Entrustment

(2) Product safety assessment

a. Safety production license with official seal (color scan jpeg format)

b. A copy of the business license with official seal (color scan jpeg format)

c. The PDF format of the Chinese version of the MSDS stamped with the official seal must be consistent with the content of the English version of MSDS

d. Goods pallet photos (less than 2M jpeg format)

e. Photograph of a single piece of goods (jpeg format smaller than 2M)

f. The shipper’s emergency contact and telephone number (must be provided accurately)

g. stowage

(3) Packing on the site or dragging the box outside, and a certificate for packing dangerous goods

Pay attention to the dangerous labels of the cargo and the big dangerous labels around the container, and provide entrusted + photos and videos+ MSDS Chinese version with printed + packaging performance certificate+ Certificate +Operating Instructions+ item 9 physical and chemical properties (in WORD form, provided to the South Bank), issued a dangerous goods packing certificate.

(4) Dangerous goods declaration, issue the dangerous goods declaration form to the shipping agent.

(5) Customs declaration, the goods are on board normally.