Foreign Trade Window and Bonded

Foreign Trade Window and Bonded

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Dalian Gaoteng International Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gaoteng International, can provide trade import and export window services for all customers who do not have import and export rights. Receiving trade payments, refining export documents, and providing export VAT refunds on behalf of customers on the premise that customers provide corresponding VAT invoices; can also provide services to pay import trade payments and act as an import trade window.

Bonded logistics refers specifically to the customs supervision area, including bonded areas, bonded warehouses, customs-supervised warehouses, etc., engaged in warehousing, distribution, transportation, circulation processing, loading and unloading handling, logistics information, scheme design and other related businesses. "Taiwan" system and other special policies on taxation, foreign exchange and customs clearance. We can provide customers with: consignment and distribution of goods; re-import of goods (one-day tour); re-export trade; cross-border e-commerce and a series of bonded business.