Container trailer

Container trailer

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Dalian Gaoteng International Logistics Co., Ltd. has established extensive and long-term cooperative relations with dozens of container transportation companies to meet the needs of different customers. The main business includes container transportation, customs clearance of imported containers, oversized and oversized land transportation, cold box transportation, dangerous goods transportation, etc. The fleet has experienced drivers and management personnel, advanced technology, global positioning system (GPS) to monitor each vehicle throughout the process, online query of various indicators of goods in transit at any time, to ensure the safety of the goods, we insist on customer-centric, Tailor-made high-quality transportation services for customers, and establish long-term partnership with customers. Ordinary container trailers not only serve the trailer transportation of foreign trade exports, but also include the delivery of goods from domestic trade factories and door-to-door delivery services. The container trailer business of dangerous goods, in addition to the transportation of dangerous goods of categories 3 to 9, can also undertake the transportation of compressed gas and highly toxic products of category 2 (need to apply for road transport permits), and at the same time meet the customer's import and export container trailers Service needs, to win trust with professionalism.