Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Product Details

Dalian Gaoteng International Logistics Co., Ltd. has a good reputation in the long-term customs declaration and inspection work and is a kind of customs declaration enterprise of the customs.

Our company provides customers with the services of querying HS CODE, querying the declaration elements of import and export goods, supervision conditions, import taxes and other services according to the details of product names and uses provided by customers, and formulating the most reasonable and effective customs clearance plan for customers. We believe that what our customers need is not just a customs clearance agent, but a pragmatic solution to solve the problem.

For legally inspected goods, provide inspection services such as wood products, food, aquatic products, etc. At the same time, the inspection rate of customs declaration for export goods is extremely low, good reputation, basically zero inspection rate. In terms of import customs clearance, every minute and every second is competing, so as to ensure that imported goods are brought to the port at the first time and arranged to be delivered to the door as soon as possible.

For the import and export of dangerous goods, we provide supporting services for importing and exporting dangerous goods in various categories to ensure the safe import and timely export of goods. The company has a group of declarants with exquisite professional knowledge and excellent service quality, so that customers can be satisfied with accurate and efficient customs clearance and inspection services!