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DHL Express

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Dalian Gaoteng International Logistics Co., Ltd. has also signed a long-term cooperation freight with DHL. The company has a low discount account and undertakes international express delivery services at a more reasonable price that customers are more willing to accept. DHL International Express has built its own professional brand for many years. Through DHL, we have successfully exported professional electronic batteries and live products, and food and tea gifts can also be delivered to the receiver more quickly. At the same time, our company has exported chemical products, food powders, liquids, oils, and battery electronic products. At a reasonable price, safe and efficient service, we are satisfied with customers! For non-local customers, we can accept the off-site pickup method, arrange the shipment for the customer, and arrange a dedicated person to do the one-for-one tracking service, and tell the customer each link according to the process, so that the customer can feel the intimate quality service.